When the order of protection . . . provides none

What I’m getting at, of course, is that in the end, the final responsibility for our security, and for that of our families, lies with us. If an armed psychopath kicks down your door, shooting (or slashing, or bludgeoning, etc.) as he comes, that piece of paper signed by a judge has failed to stop him, and if you don’t have something more substantial than that on hand, along with the skill, courage, and will to use it, you’re in serious trouble. [More]

Today’s St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column is now up. Please give it a look, and encourage others to, as well. War on Guns readers probably know that we’re trying to make a splash at Digg.com–something that’s getting tough, as the statists are making more and more concerted efforts to shut us down. Any help you could provide on that front is hugely appreciated (Thirdpower is going way above and beyond what we could ask of him–it means a lot, Third). I’m trying something new, that should allow you to digg (if you are a Digg.com member) the other GRE columns right from here–hopefully it works).

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