Would George Washington want American citizens to acquiesce to oppression?

That’s right–to say that private gun ownership must be protected to ensure the people’s ability to fight back against a tyrannical government is a “disturbing argument,” according to Beard. He then goes on to further condemn the idea of citizens resisting the government by force of arms, referring to it as “insurrectionist chest-beating.” What Beard forgets (or more likely, has chosen to ignore) is that when he called for obedience to the laws of government, Washington assumed that the government itself obeyed the Constitution. So long as it does, we the people are indeed obligated to obey. It’s when the government exceeds the authority granted to it by the Constitution that all bets are off. [More]

Today’s St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner is now up. Hope you’ll give it a look, and tell a pal.

We have a new Gun Rights Examiner–on a somewhat different beat–he represents not the nation (David’s gig), or a city, but the state of Wisconsin. Please welcome Gene German, our Wisconsin Gun Rights Examiner.

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One Response to “Would George Washington want American citizens to acquiesce to oppression?

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